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BotScam™ is a Binary Option Robot investigation Hub. Our expert traders team tests binary options auto-trading systems a.k.a as “Binary Robots” or “Binary Systems” to ensure they are NOT SCAM, such as the newly released Ethereum Code.

Our Mission: To ensure that SCAM Binary Robots are exposed in this website and traders are protected.

Our Core Values: Integrity, Transparency and Excellence in everything we do.

If you cannot find your Binary Option Robot (Auto-trading software), submit a scam investigation request by filling out the form of the right. We will investigate the binary robot and send you the results via email. Another option is to check our friends’ site

Due to the high number of requests, we can reply no earlier than 2-3 weeks. It is recommended to get a place in the queue and submit your scam investigation request as soon as possible. Top Safe Robots for May 2018:

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Our interest is to keep the binary options industry free of scammers since there are so many robots in the industry who are working diligently and providing their customers a means of making an additional income by trading binary options.


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But their good services are being hurt by scammers who in order to make quick monetary gains are making fake promises and defrauding traders. Once a person loses his hard earned money to a scam they shy away from trading further and others will also be afraid to enter the industry.

While reviewing many of the companies providing these services, BotScam™ came across many stories of people who were dissatisfied with the binary robot that they were using.

We therefore decided to help inexperienced traders who are new to this industry or those who have been here but are not satisfied with the services of their current robot.

We aim to provide information and reviews on binary robot providers in order to expose the scam ones and show the legitimate ones.

Our commitment is to make a safe and secure trading environment that will help both the traders and the robot providers reap the many benefits of trading binary options with an automated software.

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What Are Binary Options Robots?

93f91e9ec776ed0303871fd6987fba8940fb931cBinary Options trading with the help of automated software (read more about Auto Trading Software) is known as algo or algorithmic trading, automated trading, or robot trading. The basis of robot trading is the execution of pre-programmed trading instructions depending on various variables like time, price, market volatility, etc.

Most of the investment companies who trade with high volumes generally use automated robots for trading as the execution time is a fraction of a second. This helps them take advantage of minimal price changes on the market, hence guaranteeing maximum returns and profits.

Most institutional traders and high volume traders use binary options robots to meet their trading needs.

If You want to Know More about Binary Options Robots & See How to Choose Safe Trading System – Read This Article.

Binary options robots are software that allow automated trading of binary options online. The software analyses various factors that may affect the market direction of different assets, such as: stocks, commodities and currency pairs (Forex).

The software then makes a forecast of the price of an asset, and then instantly executes the trade. The trade is then closed once the price forecast is reached, thus the trader ends up making a profit.

All the effort required to identify a price forecast is done and executed by a robot thus eliminating any play of emotions on decisions thereby generating better overall results and more profits.

Therefore the basic logic of automated trading through robots is sound, but it should be used properly in order to get the desired result. It will not be out of place to mention here that trading binary options with robots can be highly profitable as it is based on the best strategies to make price forecasts which are free of any bias.

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How Does a Binary Options Robot Work?

There are 3 basic steps to trading Binary Options with robots:

The robot analyses the various trading indicators which affects the market direction of the chosen currency pair and makes a price forecast. Depending on the price forecast, the robot will execute either a CALL or a PUT trade. The trade is executed by the robot instantly through a broker’s platform.

The idea of a binary options robot is simple and if programmed correctly it should generate profits, unfortunately this is not so with all the bots. (for more information, read this article)

The popularity of Binary Options trading is growing very quickly all over the globe. The reason for the popularity of binary options trading is the amount of money that can be made in a relatively small amount of time.

The goal of making high profits is fully exploited by all binary robot providers to encourage traders to enter this industry. The other factor that is responsible for making it extremely popular is that no specific degree or qualification is required to enter the binary options industry.

These factors on one hand are responsible for helping the growth of this industry but on the other hand it has also become a playground for a number of unethical and unscrupulous persons who will not stop at anything.

how it works

The use of robots for binary options trading is just another opportunity for scammers and is being used without any thought by a lot of robot providers and individuals for scamming customers in an effort to make money from the lack of their knowledge.

Therefore it’s very important for traders to be cautious and to make research when choosing a safe and profitable robot.

How to Sign Up with a Binary Options Robot?

Once you’re chosen a robot that you like and that is legitimate, you can sign up with it through their official website. You will need to provide your name and contact information so that their customer support can contact you.

You will also need to make a deposit into your account, so that the robot has funds to trade with on your behalf. Usually the minimum deposit is only 200 USD or 250 USD. You can deposit more, but it’s advisable to first start out small and see if you’re satisfied with the results of the robot and if yes, then make another deposit.

Binary Option Robot in Details

Advantages of Using Binary Options Robots

A person looking to make money by trading binary options may consider using an automated robot because of the following advantages:

  • The robots are totally automatic, so there is no manual input;
  • The average percentage of successful trades is as high as 83%;
  • No financial or technical knowledge is required to use a binary robot;
  • The biggest advantage of using a BOT or a Binary Options Robot is that very little time is required to analyze the financial markets and find a profitable trade opportunity. This helps in executing trades very quickly thus optimizing the profits.
  • Another advantage of trading through a BOT is that it is ideal for both the new and experienced traders, because they can save time and they don’t have to learn how to use the technical data such as charts and graphs in order to analyze the market.

How to Choose the Best Binary Option Robot? – Read This Educational Article.

Disadvantages of Using Binary Options Robots

  • The major disadvantage of trading with a binary options robot is that there are quite a number of fakes or scam BOTs than there are good and legit ones.
  • Most of the companies that offer robot trading for free will provide only a few assets that can be traded or impose other such conditions that will curtail your freedom to trade.

Bottom Line

Be careful with the “Auto trading systems” promoted via email, these often are unreliable and scam systems.

At, customer safety is our #1 Priority – that is why we have tested and selected only the Best Binary Option Robots to save you time and money.