legit or notIn the recent years, binary options trading has become really popular and many people – traders and investors, can access it online. It has become a form of trading and making profits from the comfort of your home. Most people prefer trading binary options because it is easy and fast.

Today, there are a large number of brokers on the market that offer trading platforms and other trading related services. One of this services is the automated trading software – also know as binary options robot or binary options auto trading systems. They work on the principle of generating signals and finding the most profitable opportunities to place trades. This helps traders sit at home and utilize the services to generate income from their investments. Over time, binary options trading has become so convenient that trades can be executed via computers and laptops and also via mobile devices.

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Binary options trading is becoming increasingly popular around the world but one concern that many people have is whether it is legal in America and Europe or any other country which they are a resident of. Trading has been taking place since years and during the earlier times there was not much regulation since the transactions were done over the counter. These days, a lot has changed and there are many regulations in place which must be adhered to in order to ensure the safety of the public. Many countries where binary options trading takes place has decided to legalize it.

Binary Options Brokers – Reputation and Regulation

Binary options trading exists because the brokers are transparent with the prices and also due to the fact that they are regulated by authorized bodies. When it comes to making a withdrawal through the broker, it can be seen that the broker will always ask the trader for a copy of their photo ID in addition to proof of address. By doing this, brokers respect the guidelines that have been set out by the regulatory bodies and therefore are able to prevent fraud.

Regulatory bodies are able to provide a safe and secure trading experience to traders by regulating brokers. Some traders may feel that the requirements for making a withdrawal are complicated and annoying, but they must keep in mind that it is there for their safety. The steps required to make a withdrawal can help prevent money laundering and it will also ensure that the personal information of the trader is kept safe. The security checks employed by the broker are signs that they are serious when it comes to doing business.

Is Binary Options Trading Legal in the EU?

euThose who want to trade binary options in the EU should not worry about anything because it is legal in all of the counties in the European Union. Most of the brokers that operate in the EU are regulated by CySEC. However, brokers can also choose to obtain their licenses from other bodies such as AMF in France and CONSOB in Italy. A regulated broker is one that operates in accordance to the laws.  Some of the regulated brokers in the EU include Banc de Binary and 24Option.

Is Binary Options Trading Legit in America?

Although it is legal, there are a lot of limitations for American traders. There are only two platforms through which citizens can trade and these include CTOption and Porter Finance. Trading with brokers that are not regulated is illegal and under the laws, the broker will be prosecuted for accepting traders and not the trader.

Is Binary Options Trading Legit in Canada?

canadaBinary options trading is not illegal in Canada, but there are laws that have been enacted to regulate them specifically. The regulations in the country are quite complicated and although brokers have the option to register in the country, they choose not to do so.  The best option for Canadian traders is to sign up with a regulated broker or an offshore broker that accepts customers from around the world. Some of the trusted brokers for Canadians include 24Option.

Binary Options Trading Legit in the UK

ukIn the UK, binary options trading is not illegal, but it is also not regulated completely. Today, binary options trading fall under the legislation of the Financial Conduct Authority. Citizens of the country can trade with brokers that have obtained their licenses from FCA. Some of the reputable names include Banc de Binary and 24Option.

Binary Options Trading in South Africa

za 2Binary options is a popular way of trading in South Africa. But the fact is that they are not regulated completely.

Brokers that are based in the country cannot offer their services to the citizens because it is an area that is not yet regulated. Traders can choose a broker outside the country such as BossCapital and CherryTrade.